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The  SADXA meets on the 3rd Thursday  of the month at the located at 6541 E Tanque Verde Rd, Tucson 85715 and the doors open at 5:00 PM. Click on map for directions. 

 You can find WS7DX at too!
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The Prez Speaks
The SADXA is an interesting place to come and exchange ideas on operating, equipment, antennas, and especially DX.  We are a welcoming group of active hams who enjoy sharing our love of working DX with others.  We devote a portion of our meetings to the beginning DXer and can extend help when needed.  If you have ever wondered what working DX is all about, please attend one of our meetings and find out.  I hope to see you at the next meeting!


Next Meeting
18 Octoberr 2018
Scheduled Presentation
The presentation for the evening will be by KC7V - Mike Fulcher of Cave Creek, AZ.  Mike was a referee in the 2018 WRTC, aka the Ham Radio Olympics held in Germany this past July.  Don't miss his presentation and other events such as the door prize drawings.


Last Meeting
20 September 2018

KE7GYQ - Doug  

Look who showed up after a long absence, Doctorate of Electrical Engineering candidate KE7GYQ - Doug!  It's been a long time since we've seen you, Doug.  Welcome back to TWS.


(Editor's Note)  Wow, what a turnout for KK7P - Lyle and his Elecraft story.  Even though Lyle and Heather have been living in Tucson for quite a while, we haven't seen much of him.  Maybe, now that he's actually retired, he'll frequent our get-to-gethers more often.  By the way, WHAT is that STUFF, Annette? 


Our VP, K7NN - Don introduced our guests for the evening:

KK7P - Lyle

N7DZU - Heather

   K6WSC - Bill opened the meeting with a treasurer's report from W7TUS - Mike,  who said that the club as 32 members and that we are solvent with $1483.38 in the treasury.

As a matter of new business, Bill brought up the SADXA sponsored AZ QSO Party plaque and after some discussion, it was moved and seconded that, once again, SADXA would purchase a $45 plaque for that event.

N7WS - Wes gave his DX report saying that 160 was getting stronger.  As well, Deucy Island is coming up soon and that there's a Artic Legends RI0B Russian will run an IOTA event this month and they're working AS-054, AS-121, AS-104, AS-068, AS-087 and AS-005 as well as from their boat as RT9K/MM.  Also upcoming is the CQWW DX RTTY on 29 September.

With that, it was time for the portion of our meeting.

KB7AZ - Carl  said he hadn't been to active working Montenegro and Moldova with 12 new DX countries.

W7LB - Larry reported he's been working on his tower and antenna and as it cools off some he'll be getting it back on the air.

W6XI - Jerry is ready to call the monsoon season over and hook back up again.

 W7TUS - Mike,  and it is the same for Mike, who's been down for a while and is back on the air.

  K7RS - Ron said that he's not been doing much DX but is still playing around with the WSPR Beacon Projects.

  W7AQK - Dave hadn't worked 40 at all but 30 meters CW is pretty active at night.

AC2K - Alan has been making progress with his new shack and will have an antenna party soon.

N6ITY - Dennis is still using his dipole because his antenna project has been held up and in the intrem, the hole he dug for his antenna base is full of water.  Anyway, he worked TX5T and Brazil plus Cuba and Spain on SSB.

KW7CD - Cornell suffered a close lightning strike and that his neighbor's 20 ft. Saguaro cactus was hit and brought down. Too close for comfort, Cornell?

KD7UIZ - Don reminded everybody of next week's  at the by theTarget store near Old Spanish Trail and 22nd.  Starts at 06:00 and if you wait till 9:00 AM you'll miss the bargains.

  WA1BZQ - Bruce mentioned that everything was arranged for Saturday's picnic at Colonia Verde and that the U of A Radio Club had a K3 Elecraft that they were using.  Also, he said he had been playing around with DMR Digital Radio.

W1KSZ - Richard said he'd been sending "greenstamps" to foreign countrys for years and believe it or not, he received a couple of requests for QSLs WITH "greenstamps"...how about that?  

K7NN - Don  said he had received QSLs from China and the Philippines for 60 meter contacts and that he now has 91 countries on 60. Here are a couple of his cards that he brought to the meeting this evening:


With that, the meeting was adjourned with a break and the evening's presentation.

SADXA Presents

KK7P - Lyle of Elecraft came and gave us the rundown on the structure of his company.  He has/had been working on the Electraft project ad a design engineer for the past 15 years and was heavy into the design of the Elecraft products. The company owners with 50% each are K6KR and WA6HHQ.   He says that he is actually retired now.   Lyle noted that EVERYONE who has anything to do with the product, from an engineering point of view, IS a ham radio licensee.  The company has been dedicated solely to Radio Amateurs with not regards to commercial or government uses of their products.  It's a HAM RADIO COMPANY!  His presentation, as usual, was informative and entertaining.  Thanks for coming, Lyle and Heather!

What a great turnout to hear KK7P - Lyle and the story of Elecraft.  If the turnout continuous, we'll have to rearrange the seating.  Too bad if you missed it, you missed a good one!


Our Cow-Dude Server for the evening handled all 24 with the greatest of ease.  I dunno' how he can do it.  And, believe it or not, my steak wasn't cold...not hot, mind you...but edible.  Good job!


I have added a few additional links below as recommended.  I've received several new pictures of current members, but I'm still short a few as well as the bios.  I suppose it's not absolutely necessary that the page have your bio, privacy issues, you know.  However, after all, this IS an amateur radio organization and Hams like to talk and brag too. Hi, Hi.   I will be bringing my trusty camera to take pictures and I welcome any picture that you might prefer to replace the ones that I post.  Just e-mail a suitable picture to wd7f@wd7f.com

Thanks.  de WD7F - John

PS:  Any other amateur radio links you would like here just for fun?




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