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The  SADXA meets on the 3rd Thursday  of the month at the located at 6541 E Tanque Verde Rd, Tucson 85715 and the doors open at 5:00 PM. Click on map for directions. 

 You can find WS7DX at too!
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The Prez Speaks
The SADXA is an interesting place to come and exchange ideas on operating, equipment, antennas, and especially DX.  We are a welcoming group of active hams who enjoy sharing our love of working DX with others.  We devote a portion of our meetings to the beginning DXer and can extend help when needed.  If you have ever wondered what working DX is all about, please attend one of our meetings and find out.  I hope to see you at the next meeting!


Our Social Director,  WA1BZQ - Bruce reported that the party is definitely set for the 8th of December at the Colonia Verde Clubhouse starting at 5:00 PM.  Bring your gifts and of course the XYLs will have a gift exchange as well.  Pay Bruce ASAP but especially let him know if you're coming for sure, by the 28th so he can order the proper amount of food.  It is to be catered by so, the Italian cusine should be good.  Bring your own drinks, etc.  See you there! 

 Next Meeting
20 December 2018
Scheduled Presentation
Our guest speaker for the evening will be  W6ZQ - Ron.  The subject of his presentation is , call sign NPM.  It should be an interesting presentation.  We'll look for you there.


Last Meeting
15 November 2018  

Note From Your Editor:  We had quite a group for AA7A - Ned's presentation on Baker Island, 34 attended according to WA1BZQ.  That''s one of our largest turnouts.  Plus, we picked up three (3) new members and one (1) who returned to the foal. 

W6SCC - Barry W0PZD - Dick

From out of the past, we have a returning member, W6SCC- Barry who was SADXA Past President three (3) times.  Welcome back, Barry!  Plus, we have a new member, W0PZD - Dick, who's very active in the RST club and has joined our group.  Welcome to SADXA, Dick!

AC7OT - Bob W7DCM - Dave

And, in addition, we have two new members, AC7OT - Bob and W7DCM - Dave.  Welcome to TWS, guys, and we hope you enjoy the memebership!

KE7LHY - Margie

Here we have a recently upgraded General Class operator, our guest for the evening, Margie, the XYL of K7DV - Tom.   Congrats on the upgrade, Margie!

N7XJP - Carmen

And, the XYL of W7KEY - Ted was our guest for the evening.  We're happy you came to the meeting, Carmen!

Our President, K6WSC - Bill, opened the meeting by introducing our guest speaker for the evening AA7A - Ned.  In order to allow Ned to make it back to his home QTH at a resonable hour he was allowed to lead off the meeting. After Ned's presentation, we held the normal meeting.

W7TUS - Mike, our Secretary/Treasurer reported that with our paid membership, we are solvent.

As for new business, Bill introduced our three new members and they were unanimously voted in as new members with K7SCC - Barry re-enlisting, having been a previous member incuding a three time Past-President.

WA1BZQ - Bruce, our Social Director reported that the Christmas Party was as stated above.  A question arose as to whether we would have a 21 December meeting and would Pinnalce Peak be available?  Bruce later determined that, indeed, the room would be available so the December meeting is a definite go.

Bill said that he was giving a DXCC in a Weekend presentation to the
club in January.

N7WS - Wes gave the DX Report saying that there is much DX contesting in November and December with the International DX Contest on 17 - 18 November, All Australia 160, RSGV 160, CQWW CW on the 24th & 25th of November, VK9XG - Christmas Island, J68J - San Lucia, 4F7KKG - Sri Lanka, 5R81C - Madagascar and too many for this reporter to write down..  It's a busy DX contest season.

Time for the
part of the meeting

W7EXG - Bill worked 8 band slots for VP6D (CW and SSB) 40 - 15 Meters.  He noted that on Dec. 18th is when the solar terminator is only about 1089 miles from the US northern border during the day, or solar noon.  This terminator is about 2200 miles from Tucson during solar noon.  Since EMUF is typically less than 7MHz for about 2500 miles or more orthogonal from the terminator, the 40m propagation for most of the US will be in the F region (DX region) during the day. For LOW SOLAR, this distance extends even further, since the E layer is less ionized. However, D absorption during solar noon is too severe to allow much 40m propagation across this solar noon boundary.   However, on East side of Solar noon, there should be 40m DX propagation towards the East. On West side of Solar Noon, there should be 40m DX propagation to towards the West.  The  DXmaps archives for this date and timeframe shows this 40m behavior. Bill plans a brief write up on the reflector on this subject. Bottom line look for good 40m DX propagation during the daylight hours before and after solar noon for the next few months.

KB7KZ - AJ  said he was having fun although he doesn't have his tower up with it's tribander, however, has made up for his small station and he has worked 3 new countries on that mode.

W0PZD - Dick says he's new at dXing but he has an 80 Meter off-center-fed dipole and he loves and has worked Deucy Island on 40.  Good job, Dick.

N6ITY - Dennis now has his tower up with the antenna.  He worked the CQWW SSB and snagged 16 countries with I guess it's been a while coming, right Dennis?

N7FG - Frank says he worked Deucy Island with 18 band slots. Getting serious now, Frank?

KB7AZ - Carl has been working
on a contact with KH6MF/MM and worked several grid squares with him.  He has about 100 countries on FT-8.  He also worked St. Lucia.

AC2K - Alan is progressing on his antenna tower and has the trenches dug for the conduit.  He says he's going to call for an antenna party pretty soon!

Our VP,
K7NN - Don has 325 contacts on the CQWW and now has 93 countries on 60 Meter Dang, Don, you could be called a "Professional DXer", right?

With that, the long meeting was finally dismissed. Whew! 



SADXA Presents

AA7A - Ned , gave a very  interesting (as usual) presentation about his DXpedition to  .
Baker Island is the #5 most needed DX entity.  This expedition cost in the order of $470,000 so it heavily relied on donations from clubs and individuals all over the world, with the U.S. ham community footing most of the bill.  Baker island, being a US posession since it was originally populated with Hawaiians, was used by the USAAF during WW2.  There's still the ruins from some left over structures.  However, it's now under control of the U.S. Fish and Game since it was declaired a U.S. Wildlife Refuge in 1974.  There are very strict rules for mounting the island due to it's population of 11 milliion birds.

One of the most interesting rules was that all participants had to wear new clothes only, AND, they had to be frozen for a period in plastic bags prior to wearing.  Also, certains foods such as tomatoes were forbidden lest a seed sprout and take over the island.

Ned said that it rarely rained on Baker, but, it did indeed,  And it was very hot on the island with temperatures approaching 106 degrees.  No towers were allowed over 34 feet and no horizontal wires or guys either.  Of course, being downwind from 11 million birds....you got the picture, right?

The stations were separated horizontally as far as possible since vertical antenna position would not allow band isolation.  It was a good 10 minute walk between the tent positions.  

All in all, they worked almost 70,000 Q's with 18,106 unique calls.  They were able to work between 200-300 Q's an hour on FT8 and 80 - 90 per hour on RTTY.


It was a very interesting meeting with Ned's presentation and all.  Don't think too many of the members missed this one.


I'll have to admin, this Cow-Dude Server has his act together. We had 32 or so and he didn't miss a lick.  He had a little help with the drinks but he handled all of the food.  I think he enjoys the nice tip he gets from the added gratuity. Don't you?


I have added a few additional links below as recommended.  I've received several new pictures of current members, but I'm still short a few as well as the bios.  I suppose it's not absolutely necessary that the page have your bio, privacy issues, you know.  However, after all, this IS an amateur radio organization and Hams like to talk and brag too. Hi, Hi.   I will be bringing my trusty camera to take pictures and I welcome any picture that you might prefer to replace the ones that I post.  Just e-mail a suitable picture to wd7f@wd7f.com

Thanks.  de WD7F - John

PS:  Any other amateur radio links you would like here just for fun?




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