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The  SADXA meets on the 3rd Thursday  of the month at the located at 6541 E Tanque Verde Rd, Tucson 85715 and the doors open at 5:00 PM. Click on map for directions. 

 You can find WS7DX at too!
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The President's Comments

July starts the kickoff of the .  Details of this club contest can be found by clicking the logo above.  Whether you take this event as a serious challenge with the intent of coming out on top in one of the class categories or, if you are approaching it in a casual manner, what we want is for you to have fun.  Working DX may or may not be your passion but after all, we are a DX club and we want to do what we can to encourage you to get on the air and work DX!  Our DX Challenge provides many options for you to compete to receive an achievement award in a targeted class of operation.  Whether you prefer phone, CW or digital modes, or whether you run high power or low power or even QRP, we have a class in the challenge that will fit your operating preferences. So, shut off the TV, tell the dog he or she will have to wait for you to take them out, go into the shack and get those DX contacts in your log.  Above all else, have some fun on the air! .

Alan Komenski -  AC2K

Next Meeting
15 Aug 2019

As a followup to his presntation given last month,  K7DF - Tom, our ARRL Arizona Section Manager, will present .   If it is anything like his July presentation, it will be good.  You'd better not miss this one. (A better picture, Tom?)


Last Meeting
 20 Jun 2019  

KR0CKT - Brice

Our guest for the evening was KR0CKT - Brice, the President of Raytheon's . Welcome and thanks for attending and briefing us on your success in the recent 2019 Contest.

  SADXA President, AC2K - Alan, opened the meeting, and reminded us of the DX Challenge

W7TUS - Mike, our Secretary/Treasurer reported that we are solvent.

  N7WS - Wes, gave us the .

K7NN - Don played us a short  video titled "FT8CALL is NOT the end of Ham Radio as we know it" narrated by K0LWT.  FT8CALL is a version of FT8 that allows keyboard to keyboard chat.  Either way, it has been now renamed to JS89CALL.  I guess it got too many folks all stirred up.  Don asked how many would us it for chat and nobody held up their hand.

After the video, Don opened to floor to our guest speaker for the evening, K7DF - Tom for his presentation on Lightning.   

AC2K - Alan said that he got his hex beam back up on the tower and within an hour or so, a gust of wind took it down.   Maybe Alan is not destined to have an antenna.

  K7NN - Don  Puts us all to shame with his DXploits saying that he now has 109 counties on 60 meters, his total is 190 with OH0 Aland Island ATNO digital country.  He has 610 Grid Squares on 6 meters with two new countries EL2 and FG for a total of 68 countries.  There were poor conditions on 6 meters with only two openings to Japan and one to Europe this year.  Yes, it has been confirmed, Don does, indeed, sleep by his radios.

K7RJ - Ron said he'd been having some fun with QRP while they were in Colorado and had worked a few western sates and one in Virginia with 5 watts and a compromise antenna.

N7BDZ - Elaine continued the story of Ron's QRP activity.  They were visiting family,  staying at an Air B&B in Grand Junction, CO. that had a number of big trees.  There was on big tree just outside a bedroom window and Ron was standing there figuring out how to put the tree to use when the landlady says "Oh, tomorrow morning they are going to take out that old tree." She thought he was just admiring the tree and had no idea he was thinking of using the tree to support an antenna.  In any case, he did find a suitable tree for a mostly horizontal wire, about  60 feet long and around 20 feet tall. The landlady even helped him install the antenna and loaned a ladder to help free it when it got tangled in some branches.

W9FI - Jim had worked his 199th country on digital when he tried the newer  mode and worked Nicaragua for his 200th.

KB7AZ - Carl woked a new country in the IARU DX contest and now has 258 countries.

K7DF - Tom said that because of his acquired and previous experience with a catastrophic lightning strike, he unhooks, rolls up the coax and talks his antennas down for the monsoon season. That's about as protected as you can get.

N7FG - Frank told of hiking in Colorado with his family and they used FRS to commnicate and it worked very well. Maybe not ham radio, but it was radio, right?

N7WS - Wes worked one new country on 160, Columbia, and during the IARU, he worked 80 contacts and gave up.  Said that right after he shut down, the bands opened up according to the accounts by those reporting this evening.

KE7ZPI - Elizabeth said that she was celebrating her 10th anniversary of being a Ham and has recently graduated from the U of A. Congratuations, Elizabeth

AA7FV - Darrell said he hadn't anything to report as far as DX is concerned but, even with the band conditions, he had managed to have a 20 minute rag chew on 20 meter CW on a regular basis.

W7DCM - Dave has been focusing on Sporadic E on 6 meters as well as 10 meters. He said that was disappointing and he has returned to 40 meters where he's scored several Europeans in the early evening hours.  He is declaring entry into the DX Challenge in the Low Power CW class and so far, he's racked up 11 entities.

W7EXG - Bill worked 53 unique countries, 12 ITU zones on 80 meters, 25 zones on 40 meters, 30 zones on 20 meters, 10 zones on 15 meters and 1 zone on 10 meters in the IARU Championship.

The winner of the SADXA drawing and a $25 certificate good a at was AA7FV - Darrell.  Congratulations, Darrell.




SADXA Presents  
Presented by: 

K7DF - Tom

The evening presentation by K7DF was all about Lightning.  He told us how it is generated, the different types and just how serious a problem lightning is all over the world with some areas, especialy Africa.  He said that over 100 school children and teachers are killed every year by lightning because of the mud huts they live in.  They have no protection and don't want to live in structures that are protected from the deadly lightning.

One problem that has come up is due to the proliferation of the 5G WI-Fi internet transmissions is that it interfers with the GOES, Geostationare Operatiional Environmental Satellite that provides the coverage of lightening strikes around the world.  You can see an active map of the GOES at: http://www.wunderground.com/wundermap .

Thanks, Tom, for a very informative look at Lightning and we look forward to next months presentation on .


Please send your DXploits to wd7f@wd7f.com. I makes it so much easier to get it straight for the record.



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