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The  SADXA meets on the 3rd Thursday  of the month at the located at 6541 E Tanque Verde Rd, Tucson 85715 and the doors open at 5:00 PM. Click on map for directions. 

 You can find WS7DX at too!
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The Prez Speaks
The SADXA is an interesting place to come and exchange ideas on operating, equipment, antennas, and especially DX.  We are a welcoming group of active hams who enjoy sharing our love of working DX with others.  We devote a portion of our meetings to the beginning DXer and can extend help when needed.  If you have ever wondered what working DX is all about, please attend one of our meetings and find out.  I hope to see you at the next meeting!


WQ5Q - Kelly Brown, a good friend of W7LB - Larry, reported that he became a Silent Key on 20 January 2019.  Larry was a retiree of Hughes/Raytheon, the SADXA Secretary/Treasurer and an active SADXA member for years. Larry was a great guy and will be sorely missed.  RIP Larry.  W7LB (SK)

Election Results
SADXA President 2019

January is SADXA election time and the results are in, AC2K - Alan was unanimously elected as President.  Congratulations to you, Alan.

Reelected to the office of Vice-President was the encumbant K7NN - Don and reelected as well, our Secretary/Treasurer, W7TUS - Mike . Appointees, Social Director, WA1BZQ - Bruce , Activities Director, KB7AZ - Carl , and Webmaster, WD7F - John retained their positions.

gives special thanks our outgoing President, K6WSC - Bill, for his service and thanks to those who volunteer to kept the club going. It is noted that we have grown over the past two or three years as the attendance will attest.

 Next Meeting
21 February 2019
The presentation for the evening will be a sharing of experiences with one of the worlds premiere DX and Contest stations.  KY7M - Lee , the President of the   and a member of  will also tell us about the special award he has received.


Last Meeting
17 January 2019  
SADXA is growing.  We had three new members and guests for the evening.
W0OGH - Larry and  XYL - Sue 
Welcome to our member W0OGH - Larry who lives down in Cochise County and doesn't have the opportunity to come to meetings often.  Larry wanted to see the evening presentation.  Glad you could make it, Larry.
KE7FEF - Bob
New Member 
AA4M - Bill
New Member
New Member
KA7FAT - Dave
To our three new members, welcome to SADXA, we hope you enjoy your membership.  Thanks for joining.  And, welcome to KA7FAT - Dave who is snowbirding from Seattle.  Thanks for coming, Dave.

  K6WSC - Bill, welcomed our new members and guests.  The membership unanimously elected AC2K - Alan as our new President and voted to retain K7NN - Don as VP and W7TUS - Mike as Secretary/Treasurer.  Bill is giving his DXCC in a Weekend presentation to the this month. Since there was no other items to deal with, Bill asked for a Treasurer's report. 
W7TUS - Mike  reported that we are solvent and have 29 paid members.
N7WS - Wes gave his DX report:

  • Note about Clublog, QRZ and other ham Internet resources.  If you use these site consider making donations.  Likewise donate to deserving ops who put these out of the way places on the air for our pleasure.
  • 9LY1JM is active on all HF bands and 160 and modes from Banana Isl (IOTA AF-037) Sierra Leone through the 21st. Team 7 Frenchmen, 1 German, 2 Belgians.  They are using Clublog and despite poor Internet have kept it up to date.  They posted a couple of pictures of their circumstances.  Imagine working FD from a pig sty.  I've just increased the donation I'm planning to make.
  • E51DWC, Milan (OK1DWC) is back on from S. Cook for the third time.
  • V47UR, St. Kitts by Bernie W3UR, holiday style through 20th.
  • S79AA Seychelles by OE6MBG through Feb 2nd.  Mostly working EU on 80, 40 and 30.
  • CQ 160 CW Jan 25-27; ARRL DX Contest CW, Feb 16-17; ARRL DX Contest Phone Mar 2-3 finishes the DX season until fall.

W7EXG - Bill said that he had a 1st for himself.  He was testing on 20 Mtr phone when a KJ7BBN called him.  Turns out, Reagan is 9 years old and holds an extra class.  He said that she was very professional and operated like a veteran.  Plus, he received a QSL from her.  Here's a link to her QRZ: KJ7BBN - Meagan  

W7DCN - Dave reported that hed don't more yard work than ham radio activity but he had worked E51EWC on 20 with 100 watts and a wire.  He was pleased.

W0PZD - Dick worked 40 contacts in less than an hour on 17 Mtr .  He had no luck in working Sierra Leon.  

K4HHX - Vince said he had found his source of QRM.  It went away when the Christmas lights at Winterhaven were shut off after the season.  Go figure, huh Vince?

   N6ITY - Dennis said snow on his antenna made a bit of a difference, something he didn't expect, moving to Tucson, etc. However, he worked 20 Mtr and RTTY, snagging Taiwan.

KB7ZK - A.J. said he had been through a 22 year hiatus from ham radio but, he discovered that he had old contacts in and was able to export them into and several had been verified.

K6NSW - Richard had been working 80 & 40 CW around 3 - 4 AM with his 5-RV and the problem is, he could hear Europe but they couldn't hear him with his 100 watts, so he is getting some heat...a 500 watt linear and is hoping to work a few of those early morning stations.

W0OGH - Larry had been using Fox & the Hound and worked the 9L1 Sierra Leone on 17 and 30 and then lost them because the sofware didn't log them.  Dang! That's computers for ya'!

  K7NN - Don has 106 countries on 60 Mtr  ! He received a letter from a historian with an old QSL card from 7NN. Check the card and letter out: .

W7WRJ - Michael has now worked on 30 Mtrs and now he's going for it on 15 & 80.  Good job, Michael.

AA7FV - Darrell reported that he has the continuing Sunday schedule with F5LAW on 20 CW and it's now been 4 months missing only one scheduled contact.

 W7AQK - Dave now has 2 on 30.  He works mostly QRP and recommended that folks check out for a great kit, the QCX , a 3 - 5 watt transeciver, easy to build and resonably priced at $49.  it has a built in code reader and a keyer.  Check it out.

AC2K - Alan said he had worked the 9L1YM Sierra Leone with a dipole on 40 Mtrs.  He has poured the first hole for his antenna base.

N7WS - Wes During the past month Wes has been mostly chasing 9LY1JM, the DXpedition to Banana Island, Sierra Leone. He has worked them on 11 band slots, the most memorable being an RTTY contact on 160 meters.  Another of these was an Fox and Hound mode QSO, which he didn't think was complete but they show in .  I also continue to pick up E51DWC on South Cook Island on new band slots. This is Milan's third expedition to the island. I now have him on 15 band slots, including CW on all bands 10 through160 meters (minus 60).  I also worked V47UR (W3UR) on 160 for the second time.

 With that, the meeting was dismissed for preparation for the evening presentation.



SADXA Presents

BY:  W7EXG - Bill

Our very own W7EXG - Bill gave us a very interesting presentation concerning 40 meters daytime propagation in what he called the Noon Corridor.  He has been researching this topic for a while and was expressing his exictment of the possibilities in getting through the E-layer and making the F-layer during the day for some heretofore unexplored possibilities of day time DX prior to and after the Winter Soltace.  His presentation generated lots of questions and he hoped it would get everyone thinking about giving it a shot.  Since this coprridor has nearly passed, Bill said he was looking forward to the next one and he's pointing his 40 meter bean North and seeing what wil happen.

Thanks, Bill, for a great presentation!  


Wow!  SADXA is growing!  Why did you miss this great meeting?  Thirty One (31) showed up. You should check your priorities, no?


Here's our Cowboy for the evening, Buch Cassidy, who did a bang-up job taking care of the group at the meeting here at Pinnacle Peak!  Thanks!


I have added a few additional links below as recommended.  I've received several new pictures of current members, but I'm still short a few as well as the bios.  I suppose it's not absolutely necessary that the page have your bio, privacy issues, you know.  However, after all, this IS an amateur radio organization and Hams like to talk and brag too. Hi, Hi.   I will be bringing my trusty camera to take pictures and I welcome any picture that you might prefer to replace the ones that I post.  Just e-mail a suitable picture to wd7f@wd7f.com

Thanks.  de WD7F - John

PS:  Any other amateur radio links you would like here just for fun?




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