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The  SADXA meets on the 3rd Thursday  of the month at the located at 6541 E Tanque Verde Rd, Tucson 85715 and the doors open at 5:00 PM. Click on map for directions. 

 You can find WS7DX at too!
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The Prez Speaks
The SADXA is an interesting place to come and exchange ideas on operating, equipment, antennas, and especially DX.  We are a welcoming group of active hams who enjoy sharing our love of working DX with others.  We devote a portion of our meetings to the beginning DXer and can extend help when needed.  If you have ever wondered what working DX is all about, please attend one of our meetings and find out.  I hope to see you at the next meeting!


Next Meeting Presentation
17 May 2018



Last Meeting
19 April 2018


We have a new member, K7NSW - Richard. We're glad to have you. 

  K6WSC - Bill  opened he meeting with old business.  Last month, it was proposed that the rules considering new members be changed to dispense with the 2 meeting rule for new SADXA applicants and allow immediate voting by membership.  As per the SADXA Constitution, it was unanimously voted to approve the new rule.  Bill has found a very interesting and comprehensive video by on DXing that we might present to the other Tucson radio clubs such as RST and Catalina to stir some interest.

 With no new business apparent, Bill requested a Treasury report. 

W7TUS - Mike , our Secretary/Treasurer reported that SADXA is solvent. He received a letter from the Veteran's Hospital thanking the membership for the donation of QSL envelope stamps for the VA patients use.  In addition, Mike suggested that the membership donate fairly recent issues of for the patients perusal.  Mikee reported a thank you from the for our donation to the cause.
  W7LB - Larry  was presented a well deserved certificate of thanks and recognition for his seven (7) years of service as Secretary/Treasurer.  Great job, Larry.


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  K7NSW - Richard was unanaminously voted in as the newest member of SADXA.  Congratulation to Richard.

N7WS - Wes briefed the members of upcoming DXpeditions such as the Baker Island dxpedition at the end of June where AA7A - Ned will be operating, Deucy Island in October/November and many more such as Vanuatu, Kosovo, Nepal, Butthan, South Pacific, Christmas Island, T32 and more.  My simple Google resulted in of all sorts.

With that, Bill turned the meeting over to the members for the portion of the meeting. He asked that members who were not avid DXers to maybe relate their most memorable contact.

  W7TUS - Mike started us out with 108 worked on and 99 now confirmed.  Almost there.
W7EXG - Bill said he had not done much DXing but he was excited that he was working on patenting a multi band antenna.  Good luck with that, Bill.
W7LB - Larry said that is most memorable QSO was with a passenger jet flying over Kansas where he talked to the pilot of the aircraft.
K7NSW - Richard told us of his memorable QSO in 20 Meter CW with an 80 year old ham. He said the guy had a beautiful fist and knew he was running a straight key.  Turns out the guy had been a "Coast Watcher during WW2 and would operate hidden letting the allies know where the enemy might be.  He felt that he was lucky to have made it out alive. Many Coast Watchers did not make it.
KD7UIZ - Don told of working Art Bell - W6OBB, a recent silent key, who one time was in QSO with a local, KB5B - Terry, another silent key, who talking to Art happened to mentioned Don's real estate business.  Terry called Don and asked him for his website.  When Art broadcast Don's info over the radio on his "Coast to Coast" radio program, Don's web hits when through the roof.  Several other of the members had talked to Art several times.
WA1BZQ - Bruce is the University of Arizona Radio Club's station manager and said his memorable QSO was when he was working at the U of A club station and worked VP6TC - Tom Christian on Pitcarin Island.  Tom was another who many of the club members had worked.
N7FG - Frank had worked on 15, 80 and 40 but his most memorable QSO was working SSTV from the Space Station.
N7WS - Wes has now worked 105 with 96 confirmed on in his quest for 9-Band DXCC. His most memorable contact was working W5FLF - Owen Garriott operating from the space shuttle Columbia on December 1, 1983.  He later met Owen and shook his hand when he was a speaker at the U of A.
W6XI - Jerry  said that this week, he had Z60A Kosovo, once again making him current and having confirmed every single entity possible to the durrent list of 340.  His overall entity count is 367 counting the deleted entities.  He also was confirmed for TN5R bringing him to 206 countries on .  What's left to do, Jerry?
N6BDZ - Elaine had several memorable QSOs with a Nun who lived in Costa Rica.  She also had worked Tom on Pitcarin Island.
K7RJ - Ron has been working WSPR and was impressed that he had worked Africa three mornings in a row with that very low power digital mode. He also worked his Anti-Pole (on the opposite side of the earth) on 20 meters using WSPR.
W1KSZ - Richard has been working but told a story of working a UA9 station in Zone 16 in his quest for 5 Band WAZ.  It was back when you used the Bureau and Box 88, Moscow and he didn't receive the card. Finally, he received a beat up card through the UA9's QSL manager in Estonia and it only took about 6 months.
W9FI - Jim has been working on 30 meters working evenings to Europe during a 20 minute window from 8 to 8:30 PM.  Note that Jim is holding his YI3WHR - Iraq card from a JT-65, Wahhab Razzaq.  What a moniker.
K7NN - Don  worked 48 countries in 2 hours for the North Pole on FT-8.  He also was talking about a new mode The Fox & Hound, an extension of FT-8.  He mentioned that he had just discovered the PRBN, Program Reverse Beacon Network.  Still having fun, right Don?

With that, the meeting was ajourned for the evening presentation.


SADXA Presents

Our President  K6WSC - Bill gave a presentation titled DXCC in a Weekend by contesting.  It was an outline of how to take advantage of a contest over a weekend and turn it in to new DX entities using resourses available on the internet for all hams.  It was  a very interesting presentation.


The Pinaccle Peak restaurant is a pretty good place for a meeting.  They take pretty good care of us and we're not disturbed by any of the other tie-cutting events.  If you missed this meeting, you missed another good one.

This Cowboy was our 'handler' for the evening and made it all go smoothly.  Thanks!


I have added a few additional links below as recommended.  I've received several new pictures of current members, but I'm still short a few as well as the bios.  I suppose it's not absolutely necessary that the page have your bio, privacy issues, you know.  However, after all, this IS an amateur radio organization and Hams like to talk and brag too. Hi, Hi.   I will be bringing my trusty camera to take pictures and I welcome any picture that you might prefer to replace the ones that I post.  Just e-mail a suitable picture to wd7f@wd7f.com

Thanks.  de WD7F - John

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