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SADXA is now meeting at the Great American Steakburger at Catalina Highway and Tanque Verde.  

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The Prez Speaks

It's soon to be here.  Don't forget to let WA1BZQ - Bruce know that you are attending the at the , 4:00 PM on 9 December, not later than the 4th.  And don't forget to get those gifts ready, that's always fun. We will be honored by having Lillian Zonnefeld as a guest for the evening.  Mike and Lillian were very helpful in providing a place for our picnic and Christmas parties so it will be nice to honor her.  I hope to see you all there.

de W6XI


Next Meeting
21 December 2017 


The presentation for the December meeting, arranged by our very own VP, K7NN - Don , will be a video of the first ever DXpedition to the new country of South Sudan in 2011.  Be there, be square!


Last Meeting
16 November 2017

AA7FV - Darrel

Welcome to our newest member  AA7FV / G3SYS, Darrel, who has decided to join SADXA. He is an avid CW operator and has been so since 1964.  Glad to have you, Darrel.

Our President,  W6XI - Jerry , opened the meeting asking if there was any old business.  He reminded us to let WA1BZQ - Bruce  know who is coming to the and how many.  Upon mention of the gift exchange, someone asked what the dollar limit might be for the gift.  Jerry explained that the intent of a White Elephant gift exchange was to find some unused object from the dark, spider-webbed corner of the shack and wrap it up for the exchange.  (Editors Note:  Yes, some folks take a short cut and actually buy their White Elephant gift.  How drol, right?) Jerry mentioned that Lillian Zonnefeld would be our guest for the evening at the party.

With that, the DXploits portions of the meeting was initiated with our Secretary Treasurer.

W7LB - Larry, our Secretary/Treasurer, had no DX to report, however, reported that the treasury was solvent and said that he had received payment from 13 members for 2018 and to please pay him next month.

W9FI - Jim reported that he had worked 350 or so in the last contest and was asked it he was, indeed, a contester, replying that he had enjoyed the event.  Jim is now the reporting official for the DXLadder input since KW7RS - Rolly had relinquished the job.  Send him all of your activity.

N7WS - Wes said that he had worked on , the , and on 40 the as well.

KB7AZ - Carl has 10 new countries on 80 meters, now has 70+ countries on 40 and is near 150 countries on CW.  Good job, Carl.

K6WSC - Bill operated in the CQ WW DX SSB Contest, working 8 countries on 40 meters, 41 countries on 20m,  58 countries on 15m, and 21 countries on 10m.   Bill is always busy!

  W1KSZ - Richard had worked for several DXpeditions.  Richard attended three hamfests receently, the CARA - Sierra Vista, the Oro Valley and the COPA Fest.  He explained that he had driven 250 miles round trip and bought a receiver from a guy who lives only about 40 miles from him.  Yep, that's Ham Radio alright!

K7NN - Don cut it off at 300 contacts in the latest Worked all World contest with 85 countries.  On 20 he worked , and now has 326 on digital. Intersting enough, he worked JE1RXJ - Tack on 20 meters and knew he had worked him before.  After he had finished the QSO, he went out to get the mail and had a batch of cards from the bureau.  There, one top, was a card.  You guessed it, JE1RXJ.  Now THAT'S fast for a confirmation.  Maybe even faster than .

AA7FV - Darrel, (also G3SYS) our newest member, told a story of working a fellow Brit on 1835 KHz  CW back when he first started in 1964.  Recently he worked him again and when he looked him up in his paper log, there he was, way back there on the first page of the log.  He related that fact to the guy and the his contact replied that it was NOT 1835, but was 1832 KHz! Guess he kept a log too.  In 1964, that probably was close enough!

W7WRJ - Mike reported he had been to Midway, Johnson Island and Khune.  He is 8 short of DXCC for 5 Band and has 207 confirmed.  And he has 68 on
. And speaking of, he may be working FT8 from Johnson Island or Khune on a future trip.

We finished the meeting with Don's prizes  including a box of a few small items left over from the W0LTL (SK) shack.  Tickets were drawn for the first two or three trips to the box and then it was opened to all.  K7NN - Don had WD7F - John draw a ticket.  I, your editor said "What if I draw my own ticket?"  Someone said "It won't matter!"  So, I drew the ticket and carefully handed it to W1KSZ - Richard (Note Richards best impersonation of Stevie Wonder)  making sure I couldn't see it.  Richard read the number 288 and.....dang!  That was my number.  He assured me that he hadn't memorized and reported my number instead of reading the actual number on the ticket.  Well OK then, so I selected my item from the box.


SADXA Presentation

Our VP, K7NN - Don held an entertaining info-presentation on the "Allocation of International Call Signs", asking first "Who issues all the call signs used in amateur radio?"  The answer, of course, is the , the International Telecommunications Union.

It seems that in testing of our DXers, the knowledge of the various world wide calls was illusive with the exception of a couple of the old timey DXers such as W1KSZ who "didn't need the paper!".  Each time Don would ask, for example, what country is "4W6LU", there would be a rattling of the papers Don had provided to each of us with all the current prefixes on it.

There was quite a bit of discussion with some of the "errors" on the published list and there are several inconsistencies in the list indicating that there may not be a hard rule for the assignment of the various prefixes of the world.

All in all, it was an informative and interesting presentation.  Thanks, Don.

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Well, what's up with the attendance of the 2nd meeting of the SADXA at the SteakBurger location?  Some of the regulars were missing.  It was a good meeting and you missed it.  Too bad!  Try to make the next one. 




I have added a few additional links below as recommended.  I've received several new pictures of current members, but I'm still short a few as well as the bios.  I suppose it's not absolutely necessary that the page have your bio, privacy issues, you know.  However, after all, this IS an amateur radio organization and Hams like to talk and brag too. Hi, Hi.   I will be bringing my trusty camera to take pictures and I welcome any picture that you might prefer to replace the ones that I post.  Just e-mail a suitable picture to wd7f@wd7f.com

Thanks.  de WD7F - John

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