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W7CS - Chuck

This project evolved from a system that was designed by OE5JFL and put into kit form and sold by HB9DRI.  The kit as I received it, consisted of assembled and tested PC boards These included a Controller Board, an Interface Board, a four line by 20 digit Display Board and two12 bit absolute Encoders.  The rest of the assembly, the selection and collection of components and controls, and the construction of the enclosures was left up to the builder.  

This system is suitable for controlling the drive motors of a parabolic dish or a large antenna array system, in order to track celestial bodies, without the use of a computer.  The Microprocessor chip on the Controller Board came pre-programmed with location and tracking data for the following objects in the sky:  Sun, Moon, Cassiopeia, Cygnus, Sagittarius, Taurus, Leo, and Aquarius.  All that is needed to do by the user is to program into the system, his latitude, longitude and UTC time of day and date, and it will then indicate the azimuth and elevation angles to the chosen celestial object.  The microprocessor will then take the current Az and El positions, of the antenna mounted encoders, and send it's drive motor signals to bring the antenna around to the position indicated, for the object to be tracked.  When the front panel "Auto" button is pushed, the controller will cause the antenna drive motors to continuously follow the tracked object in the sky.  The front panel display continuously displays the AZ and El of the tracked object as well as that of the antenna, the date and time of day, The Dopplar offset of the EME frequency in use, as well as several other useful data.

Chuck,  W7CS