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Once again, our Entertainment Director WA1BZQ - Bruce along with our Secretary/Treasurer W7TUS - Mike made it all happen with a great catered Italian meal, a fun White Elephant gift exchange and plenty of Christamas camaraderie.  Thanks to our hostess, Lillian,  who arranged for us to use the Colonia Verde Clubhouse once again.  Sorry we missed our VP- K7NN - Don who couldn't make it.  

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What would a SADXA Christmas party be without the  gift exchange and of course our own SWL - Anette making sure it all went smoothly. We were nicely entertained with a few Christmas songs by N6ITY - Dennis . There's just no way that yours truly could provide a time-line narration of this event because of all the "gift stealing" that occurred.  You can tell by the pictures that several ended up getting their gift "stolen".  It was a lot of fun! And I have a special story to tell below.

Annette did a fine job with the gift exchange, establishing the rules and everyone agreeing that two (2) steals would be allowed. one of the first gifts to be chosen turned out to be a mineature straight key chosen by W7DCM - Dave , however it was promptly stolen by W1KSZ - Richard .  He didn't end up with it, though.  Your's truly, WD7F - John managed to steal it the final time.  As it turns out, the was a hand made, Morse Express 2001 "Christmas Key", #172 by Llaves Telegraficas Artesanas.  I looked it up on the web and found that the company is now and N1FN - Marshall Emm in Aurora, CO is the owner and the keys are made by , specifically JA7GDH - Toshihiko Ujiie. The products are rather pricy.  Below is a picture of the 2001 Key and the 2018 Key.  All I can say is THANK YOU, WHITE ELEPHANT SANTA!  That was a very special white elephant gift, to say the least. I have already used it on 20 Mtr CW.

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It was a very nice Christmas Party Sorry if you missed it, it was lots of fun! 

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