What a great time we had.  Thanks to WA1BZQ - Bruce  and W7TUS - Mike who were responsible for arranging the party location here at the .  Mike was under the weather and couldn't attend.  The meal was excellent and considering the gift exchange hosted by W6XI - Jerry , a lot of fun was had by all.  Yours truly took lots of pictures and was assisted by N7WS - Wes taking pictures when needed.
Missed you W0LTL (SK) - Mike. I know you were there in spirit! (See below)

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Mike was there! The exchange was very interesting.  At the previous meeting, There was a drawing for first look at a box of miscellaneous stuff from Mike's shack given by Lillian.  I had a winning number and I selected a home-brew audio oscillator. I thought it might make a great White Elephant gift, so I brought it to the Christmas Party. As luck would have it, I drew #1 , I picked out my gift and it was a nice stereo headset . Needless to say, it was stolen by KD7UIZ - Don , so I had to get another gift. Would you believe it was ANOTHER stereo headset! Of course, it was promptly stolen by K7RJ - Ron , and once more, I had to return to the gift table where, believe it or not, it was the last gift, and it was the one, the one I had brought! I might have, according to the flexible rules of White Elephant gifts, been able to steal anyone elses, but I explained what it was and how I had came into possession of it.  Needless to say, I'm keeping it.  I was suppose to have it all along. 

 A special thanks to Sean, our server for the evening.  He did a fine job with all of it and made it even more enjoyable.  Good job, Sean!

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