The 2011 SADXA Christmas Part was a success.  Thanks to the efforts of KC9ORD - Mike, N7BXX - Gail, K7SSP - Susan, W6XI - Jerry and unnamed others, we all had a good time.  We enjoyed libation, some great snacks, a bar-b-que meal and a White Elephant gift exchange.  There were some good White Elephants but only a couple were stolen.  The XYL gift exchange went well too.  Hope we can do it next year.  We missed a few of the regulars and we'll look for them next Christmas.

I discovered that the focus icon in my camera had somehow moved to the right and a couple of my pictures turned out a bit out of focus.  I might have noticed had it not been for a bit of Christmas cheer!  The effect is evident in Coronell's picutre where he's holding his White Elephant handi-talki.  Sorry about that.



Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All!

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poppy - 2011


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