Thanks to the efforts of W7KQ - Bernie, KR7RK - Keith, W6XI - Jerry, W0LTL - Mike and anyone else who might have been involved, especially the ladies, the SADXA Christmas Party was a success and a good time was had by all.   The food was great and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.  The White Elephant gift exchange went well, however, the XYLs seemed reluctant to steal the others' gifts.  Thanks also to W0LTL - Mike for providing the entertainment.

How did I manage to miss getting an individual  picture of W1KSZ - Richard, WA1BZQ - Bruce, KB7JAQ -  Scotty and KB7GAI - Wally?  Especially after Wally complained about his picture in the Member's Gallery.  I think it's a pretty good picture of him!  I tried to get a picture of every couple, but I missed NO7P - Don & XYL Shirley in a duo shot.  

What is it with a camera a flash that makes people's eyes close at the exact time of the flash?  You can see this phenomenon with several of the folks...such as W6XI.  I even deleted several attempts and finally, we went outside to take one sans flash.  A couple of the pictures were a bit fuzzy, either that or by that time of the evening they were getting fuzzy.  Well, maybe it's the camera's fault. 

If I missed anyone it was unintentional.  Sorry - WD7F


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poppy - 2009

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