16 September 2017

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Marion Michael Zonnefeld, 24 October 1945 - 28 August  2017, W0LTL (SK)

As you may know, we lost W0LTL - Mike recently.  Mike was an active member of SADXA for many years and was responsible for SADXA being able to hold our picnics and parties at the Clubhouse here in Colonia Verde.  We are certainly going to miss Mike, but of course, not as much as is his beautiful XYL, Lillian, is going to miss him.  RIP Mike.  
Once again, the weather was very cooperative for the SADXA annual fall .  Other than the sad note of our loss of Mike, it was a very nice time for all. 
WA1BZQ - Bruce, the SADXA Social Director did a fine job of arranging for everything including the burgers, brats and hotdogs which we all enjoyed.  Good job, Bruce.

Of course, the picnic would not be a success were it not for the efforts of our bar-b-cue team, the Henning brothers, KB7JAQ - Scott and KF7EZJ - Andrew who cooked up some mighty fine fare for us all to enjoy.  You guys do a great job and probably don't get enough credit for your efforrs. Thanks a bunch, guys!



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