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Last Meeting
16 March 2017

NG7A - George

Here's a belated welcome to NG7A - George who joined the club during one of the editor's absences. So, George, welcome to SADXA. We hope to see you often.

W0OGH - Larry

Another memeber didn't make it onto the web page or the Member's Gallery.  Welcome W0OGH - Larry who moved in 2015 from the Phoenix area to Cochise, Arizona. Larry is a fellow AMer.  Welcome, Larry, to SADXA!

Our New President, W6XI - Jerry  opened the meeting with the traditional DXPloits Round Table.  KD6XH - Cliff , who said he had no DX activity because he's packed up his radio gear, has sold his house and is moving soon.  We're sorry to see you go, Cliff.
WD7F - John noted that K6WSC - Bill had emailed his DXPloits for the month in advance and it makes the process of recording the information and putting it on the website much more accurate and encouraged all to follow suit.  Editors Note:  Yes Please!
W7TUS - Mike said that conditions had been interesting, not much activity, but he is now at 298 countries.  (Not bad for the relative short time that Mike has been chasing DX, I'd say.)
KB7AZ - Carl had two new DX phone including the Ivory Coast on 20 meters.  He said he CQ'd for 45 mnutes with 1200 watts RTTY with not one contact.  Carl is also working on his 2nd off-center fed dipole.
Our newest member, NG7A -   George
has built a new delta-loop which is working well at 30 ft.
K6WSC - Bill worked 629 stations in the ARRL DX CW contest with country totals as follows: 80m 32, 40m 72, 20m 88, 15m 73, and 10m 26 countries. In the ARRL DX SSB contest, K6WSC worked 155 stations with country totals as follows: 40m 21, 20m 22, 15m 34, and 10m 10 countries. (Now, THAT was easy!  Thank you, Bill.)   Bill mentiioned that the has started a new mentoring program and that he had a new ham visit him at his QTH and it was very rewarding for both of them.  Bill said that we all should get involved with this type of activity.
W0LTL - Mike reminded us of the presentation we had a year or two ago about the Search for Amelia Earhart and the Eustace Expedition.  You can follow their progress here.  .
N7WS - Wes reports (by email, thanks Wes) that here were several DXpeditions active during the month, among them: 5U5R (ongoing) has been worked on CW, SSB and RTTY on several bands. E51DWC (ongoing) has been worked on CW on all bands 10 - 160; RTTY on 15, 17 and 30. TU7C (ongoing) has been worked on PSK63 on 40 and 20; RTTY on 20; SSB on 40. TX5T (concluded) was worked on CW on 7 bands, SSB on 4 bands; RTTY on 17. VP6EU (concluded) was worked on CW on all bands 10 - 160; SSB on 10, 12 and 17; RTTY on 15 and 40. XX9D (concluded) was worked on CW on 5 bands including 160;  RTTY on 20.
W6XI - Jerry has 3 new ones on 160 CW and worked , , and .  He mentioned how the Gray Line propagation had brought him .  He had checked at Gray Line for activity that evening and found what turned out to be 9G5X running S7 and giving contacts.  Jerry said it took an HOUR (3 minutes) for his amp to warm up but he did work them on first attempt and 15 minutes later, they were gone.  

As the meeting continued, there was a discussion of old business concerning the club financial situation briefed by W7LB - Larry   at our last meeting.  It was discussed as to whom and what amount we would be contributing to DXpeditions and since the primary function of SADXA is DX activity, it was moved, seconded and voted unanimously that the Summer Picnic and Christmas Party would be self sustaining and would not be relying on the club treasury to suplement the costs of those activities. Members would be required to pay in advance and the full price of the meals, etc.  In addition, the tradition of presenting a SADXA nametag/badge to each new member would be abolished and the member would have the option of purchasing the badge.  The DXpedition contribution discussion was tabled for further consideration at the next metting.

The President reminded us that our club card counter W6ZQ - Ron is now authorized to count 160 meter cards.

W7TUS - Mike wrote and read a SADXA Proclamation of Thanks to W1KSZ - Richard for his service to the club and a Certificate of Appreciation was presented by President W6XI - Jerry.  Once again, thanks from all of SADXA, Richard.


SADXA Presentation

K6WSC - Bill created a video of his contest activity during the SSB contest.  It consisted of photos of the QSLs and the audio exchange for 59 of his contacts during the contest.  Bill said that he worked much harder and longer on the video that he did during the contest.  It was very good.  Thanks, Bill.

KB7AZ - Carl showed the VP8ORK DXpedition to the South Orkney Islands in 2011.  Pretty interesting video.  Considering where they went, so near Antartica, the DXpedition went well with no weather hitches.  Quite a remote place to operate from. 

Yep, if you missed this one, you missed a good one.  How about setting your alarm clock and making the next one? 


Last Meeting
17 February 2017

KY7B - Bruce N6CW - Terry

From out of the shadows is a new member, KY7B - Bruce who has lived in Tucson since 1979 or so but has been so busy with his engineering career that he hasn't been very active in our ham radio community.  Welcome to SADXA, Bruce, and we are looking forward to having you in our club.

As well, we had a guest all the way from Southern California out of San Diego, N6CW - Terry.  Terry was a guest way back in 2011.  Good to see you again, Terry!

The 2016 President - Richard  opened the meeting with a discussion of the January election explaining that, due to unforeseen circumstances resulting in a conflict of interest, we had to accept the resignations of W1SR - Steve and KB7AZ - Carl.

Prior to our election process, Richard appointed KB7AZ - Carl   as our Activities Director. Carl will be responsible for arranging for our evening presentations and have custody of the club video and audio equipment.  Richard explained that Appointing an Activities Director resulted in the Vice President position being more in line with the SADXA Constitution that outlines the duties of that office.

Since a new election was required, Richard opened the floor for nominations for President.  W6XI - Jerry was nominated, seconded, and by a unanimous vote, elected as President for 2017.  Following was the nomination, seconding and unaminous vote to elect K7NN - Don as Vice President.  Congratulations and thanks to both Jerry and Don ! !

Our DX Ladder coordinator, KW7RS - Rolly requested that he be relieved of that duty. Since part of that job requires the information to be posted on the SADXA website, WD7F - John agreed to take it over. 

W1SR - Steve said that the University of Arizona Radio Club was looking for anyone that might be able to assess the condition of the aging club antenna system and make the appropriate repairs and it would be paid for by the UofA.  After some discussion, it was decided that a good candidate for that task might be , a local sign company and ham operator KB7LML - Mike. Thirty or so years ago, he and his brother bid on a Forrest Service tower in the mountains somewhere north, disassembled it and brought it down by helicopter to truck to Tucson.  After all, it had been built in the 30s or 40s and the material had been brought up there by pack mule.  They set it up way east on 22nd on their property and I dont' know if they ever built the shack in there or not.  What a great project.

With the official business completed, the meeting was dismissed for the setup of the evening presentation.

SADXA Presentation

Our Secretary/Tresurer W7LB - Larry briefed us on the club financial situation.  Even though we had increased the dues from $15 to $20 a few years back in order to contribute more to DX activities such as DXpeditioins, we had fallen behind due to dwindling membership and additional expenses from the picnic and Christmas party.  Possible solutions might be to increase the dues to $25 commensurate with the CADXA club, pass the full cost of food and amenities for the parties to the members, and make the SADXA membership badge the member's responsibility to purchase rather than providing it to the new member.  Another possibility might be to allow members to donate old gear to be sold at a SADXA table at the swap meets.  It was decided that this would be discussed at the next meeting in March.

CW Speed Analysis

KB7AZ - Carl gave a presentation showing how he analyzed CW signals using digital communicatiion analysis methods.  It was a somewhat technical but interesting presentation of how to measure accuracy of receiving over the air CW signals.  His developed method was based on a similar analysis of Frequency Shift Keying (FSK) modes such as RTTY.  The analysis goal is to improve the probability of correctly receiving over-the-air signals and reduce reception errors, especially when contesting as a non-assisted station.

Well, we actually did get the officers elected, finally. Once again, if you missed  the meeting, you missed a good one!


Last Meeting
19 January 2017

We had a guest for the evening.  Nicholas O'Gara, the Online Reporter/Editor for Arizona Public Media  , contacted SADXA requesting information about DXing.  KUAZ had received a QSL from Europe saying they had heard the AM 1550 broadcast.  Nick interviewed three of our avid DXers, W9FI - Jim, KB7AZ - Carl and N7WS - Wes.  It's possible that their interviews might end up being broadcast on KUAZ.

Since our Past President W1KSZ - Richard , was absent, our outgoing Vice President, W9FI - Jim opened the meeting by calling for the election of club officers.  
We have determined after the fact that there was a problem with our election of President and Vice President.  Therefore, a meeting will be scheduled of the club officers to determine the solution.  However, KD7UIZ - Don nominated WA1BZQ - Bruce as Social Director and, of course, he was unanimously elected.  Very special thanks to you for volunteering to serve for the upcoming year. 

With that, our VP dismissed the meeting to ready for the evening presentation by KD7CD - Cornell.

SADXA Presentation

KD7CD - Cornell gave us a look at his station and his impressive equipment including a review of his famous home brew transceiver,  the Star-10, a very well designed and constructed rig that will perform as well or better than most modern rigs.  In addition, he showed the progression of the restoration of his  Drake 2-NT, showing us pictures of the restoration process and the design and construction of a Frequency Synthesizer to serve as the crystal frequency reference to drive the transmitter. 

The SADXA meeting resulted in the successful nomination and election of new club officers.  We had a good turn out for that and a very nice presentation.  Where the heck were you?  If you mised it, you have to buy the beer next meeting!


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