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Last Meeting
17 May 2018
K6ITY - Dennis  K4HHX - Vince
Here we have two new members who were volted in this evening, K6ITY - Dennis and K7HHX - Vince who should provide some new blood to the membership.  Welcome to SADXA, guys!! 

  K6WSC - Bill  opened he meeting quickly turning the meeting over to  K7NN - Don  who briefed us on the DXpedition mode called Fox & Hounds supposedly allowing up to 5000 contacts per hour.  Here a link to the K1JT - User Guide just published a couple of days ago.  Don also mentioned that there is a possiblity of up to five (5) new DX entities, one being Kosovo that's been active lately, but not so much here due to poor conditions. Be watching for LZ1GC - Stan working in the Pacific in October/November and OM5ZW on 160, 80 and 40.  Finally, he passed out the tickets for the evening drawing for the two interesting publications.

W7TUS - Mike, our Secretary/Treasurer reported that we are solvent.  We have (not counting the two new members) 24 paid members.  Mike asked that everyone please make sure their mailing/email information is correct in that he is updating both.

K6WSC - Bill then reported new business with a nomination of N6ITY - Dennis and K4HHX - Vince as new members and both were voted in unamimously.

N7WS - Wes  reported that the Britts were having a special event on the Isle of Man to commemorate the Royal Wedding coming up soon. using GR9RW as the call.   He also said there was an upcoming
coming up soon, May 26 and 27th, 2018.  In June, there will be the Rwanda Dxpedition, followed by 26 June - 7 July, 2018 and a group of Italians with a go at  .

And the moment we've all been waiting for: 

W7TUS - Mike reported that he received confirmation for his 100th 80 Meter contact that gave him 8 Band DXCC!  Good job, Mke.

K6WSC - Bill was operating in the 7th Area QSO Party as a County Expeditioin in Cochise County being called by Lithuania, Germany, Austria, France and Equador.

N7WS - Wes  has now worked 105 on with 99 confirmed.  He's trying to get that last one confirmed.  Wes also worked . He said to check out and if you want to join our real time DX communications group, contact  W1KSZ - Richard who will provide the information to get you started.

W6XI - Jerry  said there had been 6 meter openings and that the contest is coming up which includes, of course, 6 meters.

W9FI - Jim says he's spent almost all of his "on the air" time on 30m .  He said here has been some good DX there, specifically Lord Howe Island (VK9L), Wake Island (KH9), S. Korea (DS, HL), and Guam (KH2).  The band has also been open daily to Europe, especially toward the Eastern European stations.  The FT8 signals have been getting through when CW couldn't. He mentioned that he had his Elecraft repaired.  We didn't know it was broken, Jim.

W1KSZ - Richard has 15 issues of DXCC Yearbook that he would give to anyone who might make a modest contribution to the SADXA coffers.  He said he'd been working quite a bit 6 meters with about 60 QSOs recently.  Richard told of working a rare-rare grid square, CM79 off the Coast of California and trying to get it confirmed.  He said the guy said he was, indeed, there.  So...we'll see?  RIchard has been sorting QSLs and so far has organized about 5000 cards using W7NN's QSL boxes.  He brought this: one of his  most memorable cards, a  card from the Ukraine and from a Coal Mine Radio Club, no less.  Check it out.

Our VP, K7NN - Don had worked some 6 meters, HH7OA - Port Au Prince and 4X7OR in Israel on 40 meters.

N6ITY - Dennis one of our newest members said that he was a member of the , was President of the Lockheed Amateur Radio Club (LARC) and likes .  He is a Meteoroligist by profession but is retired now.

K4HHX - Vince is our other new member and said he is just getting started again in ham radio.

Finally, we had our drawing set up by K7NN - Don with the winners turning out to be N7WS - Wes who snagged the and K7NSW - Richard who picked up the . Congratulations on your good luck, guys!

 With that, the meeting was ajourned for the evening presentation.

SADXA Presents

Our VP K7NN - Don provided  two short videos, the 2016 KP5 Palmyra and the T32DX Christmas Island DXpeditions.  Short and to the point.  Enjoyable.


It was nice to induct two new members into SADXA.  It was a good meeting and you should' been there.  Where the heck were you?




Last Meeting
19 April 2018


We have a new member, K7NSW - Richard. We're glad to have you. 

  K6WSC - Bill  opened he meeting with old business.  Last month, it was proposed that the rules considering new members be changed to dispense with the 2 meeting rule for new SADXA applicants and allow immediate voting by membership.  As per the SADXA Constitution, it was unanimously voted to approve the new rule.  Bill has found a very interesting and comprehensive video by on DXing that we might present to the other Tucson radio clubs such as RST and Catalina to stir some interest.

 With no new business apparent, Bill requested a Treasury report. 

W7TUS - Mike , our Secretary/Treasurer reported that SADXA is solvent. He received a letter from the Veteran's Hospital thanking the membership for the donation of QSL envelope stamps for the VA patients use.  In addition, Mike suggested that the membership donate fairly recent issues of for the patients perusal.  Mikee reported a thank you from the for our donation to the cause.
  W7LB - Larry  was presented a well deserved certificate of thanks and recognition for his seven (7) years of service as Secretary/Treasurer.  Great job, Larry.


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  K7NSW - Richard was unanaminously voted in as the newest member of SADXA.  Congratulation to Richard.

N7WS - Wes briefed the members of upcoming DXpeditions such as the Baker Island dxpedition at the end of June where AA7A - Ned will be operating, Deucy Island in October/November and many more such as Vanuatu, Kosovo, Nepal, Butthan, South Pacific, Christmas Island, T32 and more.  My simple Google resulted in of all sorts.

With that, Bill turned the meeting over to the members for the portion of the meeting. He asked that members who were not avid DXers to maybe relate their most memorable contact.

  W7TUS - Mike started us out with 108 worked on and 99 now confirmed.  Almost there.
W7EXG - Bill said he had not done much DXing but he was excited that he was working on patenting a multi band antenna.  Good luck with that, Bill.
W7LB - Larry said that is most memorable QSO was with a passenger jet flying over Kansas where he talked to the pilot of the aircraft.
K7NSW - Richard told us of his memorable QSO in 20 Meter CW with an 80 year old ham. He said the guy had a beautiful fist and knew he was running a straight key.  Turns out the guy had been a "Coast Watcher during WW2 and would operate hidden letting the allies know where the enemy might be.  He felt that he was lucky to have made it out alive. Many Coast Watchers did not make it.
KD7UIZ - Don told of working Art Bell - W6OBB, a recent silent key, who one time was in QSO with a local, KB5B - Terry, another silent key, who talking to Art happened to mentioned Don's real estate business.  Terry called Don and asked him for his website.  When Art broadcast Don's info over the radio on his "Coast to Coast" radio program, Don's web hits when through the roof.  Several other of the members had talked to Art several times.
WA1BZQ - Bruce is the University of Arizona Radio Club's station manager and said his memorable QSO was when he was working at the U of A club station and worked VP6TC - Tom Christian on Pitcarin Island.  Tom was another who many of the club members had worked.
N7FG - Frank had worked on 15, 80 and 40 but his most memorable QSO was working SSTV from the Space Station.
N7WS - Wes has now worked 105 with 96 confirmed on in his quest for 9-Band DXCC. His most memorable contact was working W5FLF - Owen Garriott operating from the space shuttle Columbia on December 1, 1983.  He later met Owen and shook his hand when he was a speaker at the U of A.
W6XI - Jerry  said that this week, he had Z60A Kosovo, once again making him current and having confirmed every single entity possible to the durrent list of 340.  His overall entity count is 367 counting the deleted entities.  He also was confirmed for TN5R bringing him to 206 countries on .  What's left to do, Jerry?
N7BDZ - Elaine had several memorable QSOs with a Nun who lived in Costa Rica.  She also had worked Tom on Pitcarin Island.
K7RJ - Ron has been working WSPR and was impressed that he had worked Africa three mornings in a row with that very low power digital mode. He also worked his Anti-Pole (on the opposite side of the earth) on 20 meters using WSPR.
W1KSZ - Richard has been working but told a story of working a UA9 station in Zone 16 in his quest for 5 Band WAZ.  It was back when you used the Bureau and Box 88, Moscow and he didn't receive the card. Finally, he received a beat up card through the UA9's QSL manager in Estonia and it only took about 6 months.
W9FI - Jim has been working on 30 meters working evenings to Europe during a 20 minute window from 8 to 8:30 PM.  Note that Jim is holding his YI3WHR - Iraq card from a JT-65, Wahhab Razzaq.  What a moniker.
K7NN - Don  worked 48 countries in 2 hours for the North Pole on FT-8.  He also was talking about a new mode The Fox & Hound, an extension of FT-8.  He mentioned that he had just discovered the PRBN, Program Reverse Beacon Network.  Still having fun, right Don?

Our VP, K7NN - Don, passed out tickets for a prize drawing of a nice book, .  The lucky winner turned out to be N7BDZ - Elaine.  Congratulations, Elaine!

With that, the meeting was ajourned for the evening presentation.


SADXA Presents

Our President  K6WSC - Bill gave a presentation titled DXCC in a Weekend by contesting.  It was an outline of how to take advantage of a contest over a weekend and turn it in to new DX entities using resourses available on the internet for all hams.  It was  a very interesting presentation.


The Pinaccle Peak restaurant is a pretty good place for a meeting.  They take pretty good care of us and we're not disturbed by any of the other tie-cutting events.  If you missed this meeting, you missed another good one.

This Cowboy was our 'handler' for the evening and made it all go smoothly.  Thanks!


Last Meeting
15 March 2018

KB7KZ - A.J.

 From out of the past !  Here is KB7KZ - A.J., one of the original members of the SADXA who showed up after a very long hiatus from amateur radio and is getting back into it via   A.J. is a past President of the SADXA.  He was wearing a badge from a long time ago, sans name, but you can see it here.   Welcome back A.J., we happy to see you.


Another Past President  has returned, here is our SADXA Enforcer, N7BXX - Gail who came for the meeting.  Welcome back, Gail.


This guest for the evening, K7NSW - Richard, originally WN6PQN from the San Francisco Bay Area and later Idaho, has moved to Tucson permanently.  Welcome to SADXA, Richard, we hope you will join our group.

  K6WSC - Bill  opened our meeting by welcoming our guests for the evening and brought up the discussion of last month's  proposed changes to the SADXA By-Laws concerning new membership.  N7WS - Wes   has written the proposed changes as follows:

Proposed change:  Any person, as described in Art. 1, subsection 1, may become a member in good standing at any regular meeting provided that the membership is confirmed by a majority of those members in good standing who are present.

Original Version: Any person, as described in Art. 1. subsection 1, who desires to become a member shall inform the membership of their intent at the first attendance of a regular meeting.  That person may become a member in good standing at their second attendance at a regular meeting provided that the membership is confirmed by a majority of those members in good standing who are present.

A vote will be taken to approve the change to the By-Laws at the next scheduled meeting.

Bill has appointed a committee to look into ways to encourage hams to become involved in DXing which could include presentations to other radio clubs in the area as to the fun of DX chasing.  Currently, members are W7TUS - Mike and N7WS - Wes who gave a short presentation to the group later in the evening.

A certerficate of thanks was presented to W6XI - Jerry for his service to the club as President over the past year.  Our President read a certificate for W7LB - Larry who was not in attendance for the evening.


<Click Certificates to Enlarge>

With that, our President turned the meeting over to the DXploits Round Table Discussion.

W1KSZ - Richard was elated to report that he had FINALLY accomplished his 5 Band Worked All Zones award, by working UN7LZ this past Wednesday at 1348Z, his 40th Zone on 80 meters.  He had been trying to score that last illusive zone since 1989.  Only 965 hams have attained that goal since the awards inception in the late 70's.   At present there are 41 hams in the 199 Zone Level.

K7NSW - Richard said that he had received approval for an antenna at his new QTH from his homeowners association and is happy about that.

N7WS - Wes  commented on the many DXpeditions that have been occuring, he worked P29VXG for his 100th on , with a total of 103.  When confirmed he will have 9 Band DXCC.  Wes worked XR0YD on Easter Island on 23 of 24 available slots not counting FT-8, just missing 40 SSB.  He worked 9M0W on Stratley Island on 20, 30, 40, 80  and 150 CW. 3C0W, Annobon Island was worked on 15, 17 and 20 CW plus 20 and 40 SSB.  TN5R, Congo, was logged on 15, 20, 30 40, 80 and 160 CW plus 15 and 20 RTTT and 717 SSB.  He worked 3D2EU, Rotuma, on 15 thru 160 CW, 20 and 40 RTTY plust 17 and 20 SSB.  Congratulations, Wes! 
(Wes, are you paying enough attention to Annette?)

W6XI - Jerry
reported he worked Z60A twice, on 40m, to be sure to be in the log but when the log was posted he was not in it. So a couple of weeks later he worked Z60A again, and when the log was checked after that QSO it showed W6XI as having worked them three times.  He also reported working 3D2EV on 160, XR0YD on 160 and 40, 3C3W on 40, 9M0W on 160 and 40, as well as TN5R on 160 that sounded like a good contact yet doesn't show in the logs. The TN5 would be the 206th entity worked for W6XI on 160.

W7WRJ - Mike has 208 confirmed, 226 with 212 confirmed, 105 countries on
and 89 confirmed.

  W7TUS - Mike has 101 on 80 and if confirmed, will have 8 Band DXCC. Great job Mike, and in a pretty short time at that.

KW7CD - Cornell is now fully solar with a capability of up to 6 KW peak giving him full power under solar power. Here are a couple of his 20 meter contacts with this setup: .

N7BXX - Gail said he has got onto
and has 40 contacts so far.

K7NN - Don  worked TJ2TT and has 6 new giving him 2800+ contacts.  He said it's been a fun month with many DXpedtions to work.

K6WSC - Bill worked 90 different countries during the ARRL DX CW contest: 6 countries on 160m, 35 on 80m, 66 on 40m, 79 on 20m including Kosovo thanks to a spot by Wes, 47 on 15m, and 5 countries on 10m. Bill worked 3C3W thanks to a spot from Jim.  Bill also worked 60 different countries including 3D2EU, XR0YD and 4B4B during the ARRL DX SSB contest: 1 country on 160m, 19 on 40m, 51 on 20m, 33 on 15m, and 8 on 10m.    

With that, the meeting was ajourned for the evening presentation.


SADXA Presents

Our first presentation was given by N7WS - Wes , giving a comparison of DXing in past and now, primarily keying on the many tools that are available for hams to use that makes it much easier to chase DX than it was before. One such tool is a team messaging program called .  Wes would probably give you the details of how this works. This presentation or something similar would be a good thing to show to other radio clubs in the area to promote DXing.
The second presentation was a video of the 3C0L and 3C1L dxpeditions.  Not many words but LOTS of film not related to the DXpedition.  Long but interesting.




It was good to see "The Enforcer"  at this evening's meeting.  I hope that he will be returning to his arm-twisting duties to "ENCOURAGE" the members to attend the meetings.  Welcome back, Gail.

This Cowgirl was our 'handler' for the evening and made it all go smoothly.  Thanks!


Last Meeting
15 February 2018

We had surprise guests for the evening.  N7UQ - Chuck, his XYL, K5TMY - Tammy along with their son, Sam, who lives here in Tucson.  Chuck and Tammy moved to Wylie, TX some time back and were visiting Tucson for a family birthday celebration.  Nice to see you guys.

Another distinguished guest for the evening was KH6ND - Mike, an avid DXer and DXpedition operator.  He was a guest of K7NN - Don.  Mike has recently moved from KH-land to Tucson.  Welcome to SADXA, Mike! 

Our newly elected President K6WSC - Bill  opened his first meeting by thanking the membership for electing him to the office and asked if there was any old business.  With none mentioned, he proceeded with new business and the first order was two resolutions proclaimed by W7TUS - Mike as follows:

  W7TUS - Mike  read two proclamations, one thanking W7LB - Larry for his continued service having been Secretary/Treasurer for seven (7) years, streamlining and improving the financial integrity of the Club.  The second proclamation was for W6XI - Jerry having served as President for two (2) terms and as Vice President for one (1) term.  It was resolved by the proclamation that Certificates of Thanks would be awarded at the next SADXA meeting. Great job Larry and Jerry.

Bill opened the discussion about upcoming DXpeditions and how we contributed to the various clubs.  After input fromt he members, it was moved, seconded and unaminously voted to contribute $400 to
. W9FI - Jim having taken over the duties of maintaining the DX Ladder initiated discussion as to exactly what should be on the ladder and whether some of the non-DXCC entities would remain as they had been.  After input from the members, it was voted on a restructure which will fit the wishes of the membership.

Our president then discussed ways that the club might grow.  There were discussions of needing to educate the new hams and non-DXers in the area, possibly by sending a representative to the other non-DX oriented clubs in the Tucson area.  In addition, it was voted to remove the restriction in the SADXA Constitution requiring a new member to attend two (2) meetings and be voted in by the membership.  It was noted that that particular rule had not been enforced for some time anyway.

The President mentioned that there was several contests coming up, the ARRL CW DX contest, the CQWW 160 Meter SSB and the ARRL Sideband DX.

The club has purchased a Public Address system consisting of an amplifier, speakers and a wireless microphone.  This was voted on and approved.

With that, Bill started the DX Round Table Discussion.

Our Vice President K7NN - Don started by introducing his guest for the evening, KH6ND - Mike whom he had known for years.  Mike had given 160 Meter DXCC from years ago.  In addition, Don said that he has 2746 in the .  Don also pointed out that February 11 was the 36th Anniversary of .
W7TUS - Mike thanked W7LB - Larry for his work that he had done on the finances for SADXA and that it was a very easy transfer of responsibilities.  Mike says he has 94 on 80 Meters and has all 8 Call Zones and 25 Countries in South Africa, qualifying him for a certificate of award he passed around for all to see.  It did, however, cost him $10 for the award, but he thought it was worth it.
W9FI - Jim has fixed his antenna, worked Kosovo on 40 phone but not on CW and 95% of his work had been JT-65 and
, of course.
W6XI - Jerry had worked the 160 meter contest and has 200 plus contacts, no new contries and no Kosovo on CW.
N6CW - Terry, visiting Jerry from San Diego, mentioned that he had known our guest KH6ND for years.
N7WES - Wes is looking for 100 on 9 Band and has 99. He says he now has 86 on 160 meters.
K6WSC - Bill worked Cayman Islands in the CQ WW 160m CW contest. In the CQ WW WPX RTTY, and he worked several dozen DXCC entities. His new Helically Wound antenna is working good on 160 Meters.
W1KSZ - Richard reported he was working 80 Meters in the AM, mostly JAs.  He worked A45XR - Chris on Oman on 80 at 7AM.  Richard one (1) shy (199 of 200) of 5 Band Worked All Zones and only 965 have achieved that goal.  He worked Kosovo on 20 phone, CW, RTTY and on 17 Phone.  Then Richard reported that the Club now has 245 countries with 187 confirmed and Worked All Zones with the exception of Zone 2.
Yours Truly, WD7F - John  was presented a plaque by our President - K6WSC, reading "In appreciation of your long service to Southern Arizona DX Association"  Thanks for the recognition. 

With that, the meeting was ajourned for the evening presentation.

SADXA Presentation

K7NN - Don  started out by saying he had started his ham activity in 1954.  He discussed the DX Challenge award but soon transitioned to  a discussioin of KH6ND - Mike's DXploits and how Mike had spent from June to November 2000 on Palmyra Island, enjoying skin diving, seafood and spent afternoons working DX with 28,000 contacts on CW with 1000 of them on 6 meters.

It was interesing listening to Don and MIke reminisce about various DXpeditions over the years.


The meeting at Pinnacle Peak went well and having the meeting in the back room made it better with no distractions.  The food and service was good, so there's just no excuse for you folks that haven't been attending NOT to show up.  Be there, don't be square!  OK?

This Pinnacle Peak Cowboy did a great job of handling the meal service for the evening.  Thanks, DJ.


Last Meeting
18 January 2018

We had a guest for the evening, the XYL of W7WRJ - Michael.   So, welcome to SADXA, Frances.  We hope to see you often.

Your editor has just learned that K7NN - Don's long time friend and confidant, Kim, is a paid member of SADXA.  Kim has been coming to the meeting, picnics and parties for several years and it's great that she's become a member of SADXA.  Welcome to the club, Kim! We're happy to have you.

  W6XI - Jerry ,opened his final meeting as President of SADXA.  The first order of business was establishing that we would continue to meet here at Pinnacle Peak.  With that, the election of the officers proceeded with K6WSC - Bill being elected President and W7TUS - Mike being elected to Secretary/Treasurer. K7NN - Don remains as Vice President with the appointed positions staying the same.

N7WS - Wes reminded us that he has been in ham radio for 60 years.  That's quite a ride, Wes.  He said he's been working mostly 160 with his inverted-L and striving for 9 Band CW DXCC, lacking about 18.
W7WRJ - Michael has also been working
having WAS on 80 - 15 with the exception of Montana.  He put up a dipole for 80 and worked 48 states in one night.  Michael says he has come across a program, which works in conjuctiion with FT8 and the various logging programs such as HRDLog and simplifies the uploading of your QSO data. Check it out if you haven't seen it.
KB7AZ - Carl participated in the RTTY roundup and worked Uruguay on RTTY. Worked Western Sahara on 80 meter CW and Galapagos on 20, 40, and 17. Also received the , celebrating Canada's 150th birthday. Good job, Carl.
W7TUS - Mike reported having worked mostly on 80 and 30 meters and has 301 countries so far. He has been using as most folks have been in the last few months.
W9FI - Jim  also has worked mostly and has 80 WAS, 40 WAS, 30 WAS and missing 2 for 20 WAS.  (Editors Note:  What will you guys do when you all have All Band - DXCC on Digital and there's nothing more to do?)
K6WSC - Bill in 2017 for the third year in a row secured a Top Ten USA and Canada spot in the IARU HF World Championships in the Single Op Unlimited CW Only Low Power class. In the CQ Worldwide DX CW Contest, Bill worked 23 countries on 80m, 57 on 40m, 91 on 20m, 58 on 15m, and 9 countries on 10m last November. Bill recently constructed the "No Excuses" 160m helically wound vertical and entered the Stew Perry Top Band Challenge. His best 160m DX was NP2J, PJ2T, and KH6LC. In the ARRL RTTY Roundup, Bill worked 31 countries. 


SADXA Presentation

K7NN - Don scheduled a video of , but due to technical setup difficulties, it was put aside for a future meeting.


I think that the Pinnacle Peak restaurant will work out OK and the menu is quite varied and there are several entres that aren't too expensive. Hope to see you there next meeting, after all, you ARE a member, why weren't you at this meeting?  Huh?

Our Pinnacle Peak Cowgirl for the Evening did a good job!

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